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October 2018


31st October        Secondary School Application closing date


November 2018


2nd November       Year 6 assembly

5th November       Nasal Flu Immunisation 9-11am approx

6th November       Whole School Mass in school

8th November       Reception/EYFS eye tests in school

9th November       Year 4 assembly

13th November     Bags2School Collection for School Council

                             Y2 & Y4 Mass in school

16th November     Reception (EYFS) class assembly

                             PPTA Gin Night  7.00pm in the Social Centre

20th November    Y1 & Y5 Mass in school

23rd November    Year 1 assembly

25th November    Y4/5/6 Youth Sunday Mass @ 10.30 with All Saints' in Church

27th November    Reception/EYFS & Y6 Mass in school

30th November    Year 2 assembly


December 2018 


2 December           Christmas Fair in church grounds

4th December       Whole School Mass in School

7th December       Year 5 assembly

11th December       Rehearsal - Christmas Production @ All Saints (pm)

12th December      Christmas Production 6-8pm at ALL SAINTS HIGH SCHOOL

13th December      Whole school Christmas dinner  

20th December     Christmas Mass in CHURCH (drop off 8.45)

21st December      School finishes @ 3.15pm (except ASC clubs)


January 2019


7th January           School re-opens

15th January         Primary School Application closing date


February 2019


4th-6th February  Reception/EYFS - Balanceability

7th February         Y6 Heights & weights

12th February       Y2 & Y4 Mass in school

15th February       Year 6 assembly

                             School finishes @ 3.15pm (except ASC clubs)

25th February      School re-opens                                                                                                                   

26th February       Y3 & Y5 Mass in school


March 2019

1st March      Year 5 assembly

5th March     PPTA pancakes

6th March     Ash Wednesday, whole school Mass in Church

8th March     Year 4 assembly

10th March    Sacramental group, First Confessions 2.30-3.30pm

11th March     Y3/4 Salmesbury Hall visit

12th March    Y4 & Y2 Mass in school

15th March    Year 3 assembly 

                       Y2 Fire Museum visit

19th March    Y1 & Y6 Mass in school

20th March    Individual & family photographs

22nd March    Year 2 assembly

24th March     Sacramental group, Mass for Lent

26th March    Rec & Y5 Mass in school

27th March    Valley Lenten Mass, All Saints, 4pm.

29th March    Year 1 assembly


April 2019

2nd April    Y3/4/5/6, confessions in school

                   Parents evening 3.30pm-6pm

3rd April     Parents evening 5pm-7.30pm

4th April     Whole school Mass in Church

5th April     Reception assembly

                   School finishes @ 3.15pm (except ASC clubs)

23rd April   School re-opens

25th April   Bags2School collection


May 2019

13th May   SATs week

24th May  School finishes @ 3.15pm (except ASC clubs)


June 2019

3rd June    School re-opens

7th June    Year 5 assembly

14th June   Life Education Van 

                  Year 4 assembly

17th June   Life Education Van

23rd June  First Holy Communion

25th June  Y3/4 Manchester Museum of Science & Industry


July 2019

2nd July        Y6 taster day, BRGS, Has High, Alder Grange

4th July        Y6 taster day All Saints

19th July      School finishes @ 3.15pm (except ASC clubs)