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SNOW PROCEDURES for St James the Less



Dear Parents and Carers,

This letter is to remind you of school procedures during adverse weather conditions. 


  1.  Please assume that school WILL be open when it snows. 
    • There is no need to ring school to ask if we are open.  If school is closed a message will be sent, in the first instance, via the school message facility.  Our school website will be updated and Lancashire County Council have a dedicated page listing school closures. Any closure will also be broadcasted by Radio Lancashire. 
    • School Closure DURING the school day.  If the school is open and full of pupils we WILL NOT close the school. There is no need to rush to collect children during snowfall during the school day. Experience tells us that it is better to wait and let the weather settle before rushing around but we would encourage you to leave the children in school
  2. If possible, use a mixture of car travel and walking. 
    • Our school area, particularly Unity Way, is quite hazardous with only light snowfall.  Be very careful or avoid using the road if at all possible.
  3. Don’t worry about being late
    • Obviously the snow will impact on journey times so allow extra time for the journey.  Ensure your child attends school even if you are very late.  We would much rather they attended part of a day than miss the whole day.
  4. Dress your child for the weather
    • If your child has suitable footwear, like wellingtons and snow-boots, please send these to school or ensure your child walks to school in them.  All the children will be given adequate opportunity to change their footwear on arrival in school and for break times and home time. Please note that it will always be the school’s intention to send children outside during cold spells and appropriate attire will ensure their comfort during very cold weather.  Hats, gloves and warm footwear are a ‘must’ when the cold weather strikes!
  5. You decide what is safe!
    • Only you can decide whether or not it is safe to embark on a journey.  Above all else, your child’s safety and yours is the most important consideration.  Stay safe!



Maybe there won’t be any snow after all.  Who knows?


Stay safe and enjoy the winter!



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