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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Staff of the School




Mr G Hall


Acting Deputy Headteacher


Mrs H Langan


Teaching Staff




September 2017.


Reception Miss Merrifield/Mrs Fletcher
Year 1 Miss Pickering
Year 2 Mrs Dunn / Miss McIntyre
Year 3 Mrs Miller
Year 4 Mrs Langan
Year 5 Miss Dickinson
Year 6 Miss Purtill




Mrs S Smith


Office Assistant


Mrs F Shell


Teaching Assistants


Mrs K Carter
Mrs K Cordey
Miss D Dawson
Mrs S Duffy
Mrs C Fennell
Mrs V Krupinski
Ms E Nicholls
Mrs L Locke

Miss H Gibson

Mrs N Metcalfe

Miss L Stokes


Site Supervisor


Mr B Coleman


Welfare Assistants


All Teaching Assistants 


Kitchen Staff


Mrs S Brassey
Mrs Y Bradshaw
Mrs A Testa

Miss R Blakelidge


School Governors


Foundation Governors


Mrs C Atherton – Chair
Rev Fr D Lupton – Vice Chairman
Mr K Egan
Mrs B Nightingale
Mrs J Pritchard
Mrs J Ronnan
Mr P Smith
Mr W Wilkinson



Major Authority Governors




Parent Governors


Mrs N Tomlinson
Mrs A Hodgson
Mrs C Wilson


Teacher Governor


Mrs S Dunn




Mr G Hall


Clerk to the Governors


Mrs P Chadwick


School Health Team


Dearden House
16 Deardengate

01706 242354


School Nurse